General English Course

Our General English Course focuses largely on grammar in the morning class and skills, such as speaking and listening, as well as everyday English, in the afternoon classes. Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to widen your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. The course consists of 22.5 hours of lessons in classes of maximum 12 students. The minimum age is 18. Lessons start at 9.30 and finish at 16.30 from Monday to Thursday, with Friday afternoons free for self-access study or leisure activities.

- The main focus is on communication, with plenty of opportunity to practise using new grammar and vocabulary
- Lessons are dynamic, with a variety of activities
- We encourage pair-work and discussion to improve fluency and confidence
- You'll have the chance to learn English for 'everyday situations'
English Course books are supplemented with authentic material, all included in the course fees
- A test at least every 2 weeks and regular homework so you can monitor your progress

There are no lessons on Friday afternoons, so students are free to do additional self-access study.
Alternatively students may like to do additional 1:1 lessons to focus on specialist areas of their language studies (at an extra cost).

General English plus Business English

General English plus Business English with Allan

The programme is divided into two parts: students spend half of their day (12.5 hours of lessons) in a General English Group of maximum 12 students and the other half day (12.5 hours of lessons) in a Small Business Group which consists of a maximum of four professional people from different companies. For this option, students should have a starting level of lower-intermediate or above and a minimum age of 25.  Minimum 1 week (from 2016 the minimum period will be 2 weeks).

The main focus of the morning general English classes is on grammar, with skills such as speaking and listening also covered. Throughout these classes, you will also have the opportunity to widen your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation.

The afternoon Business English component is designed to improve communicative performance in a wide range of professional, business and commercial contexts and may include the language of meetings, negotiations, making presentations, dealing with numerical data, telephoning, socialising & entertaining, fax, e-mail, letter & report writing.